Hokka Cigar Fly Biscuit

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Hokka Cigar Fly Biscuit 140g

Direct from Japan!

A stick-type biscuit with a light salty taste, it is a long-selling product of hokka.

~ Special iron plate ~
Hokka cigar fry that is baked while slowly moving on a long belt in the oven. Actually, this belt type has a particular feeling like hokka. If you use a mesh type belt, the back side will be ignited firmly, so the biscuits will not break easily and powder will not come out easily, but hokka's cigar fly is particular about "melting in the mouth", so a steel (iron plate) type belt Bake in. The fact that the dough is a little fragile also leads to the goodness of "melting in the mouth" if you turn it over. Deliciousness is more important than ease of handling. Hokka's ingenuity to make the wheat more fragrant than the time and effort of adding wheat once baked to the ingredients. We are making delicious cigar fried foods today with a small amount of attention.


Product of Japan 


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