Hokka Moomin Mama’s Cinnamon Bread Party Tin

Hokka Moomin Mama’s Cinnamon Bread Party Tin

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Hokka Moomin Cinnamon Bread Tin 130g

Collectable Tin, Direct from Japan!

Introducing a new design can for Moominmamma's cinnamon bread! The can contains savory baked sweets with cinnamon and cardamom that are baked in the shape of the Moominvalley friends. (6 types of shapes) The design cans show the cute appearance of Moominvalley friends, such as Moomin, Moominpapa, and Hattifattener holding glasses, enjoying a party, and Chibi Mye flirting. Please come with us for tea time. Since the sweets are packed in bags, the cans that have been eaten can be used as they are for after-use such as accessory cases.

Product of Japan 


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